Heat Controlled Transportation


It is a logistics solution used to protect the products that need to be kept in a certain temperature range under suitable temperature conditions throughout the transportation process. This transportation method is applied to ensure the freshness, quality and safety of the products. It is widely used especially for the transportation of sensitive and heat sensitive products such as fresh vegetables-fruits, ornamental plants, frozen products, medicines and chemicals.

Temperature-controlled transportation is carried out using various containers, refrigerated trailers or transport vehicles with cooling systems.

Advantages of Temperature Controlled Transport

Preservation of Freshness and Nutritional Values: Temperature-controlled transportation is of vital importance, especially in the transportation of fresh and perishable materials such as fresh vegetables, fruits and other food products. The preservation of the cold chain ensures that the nutritional values ​​and freshness of the products are preserved for a long time.

Appropriate Storage and Transport Conditions: Certain products must be stored at certain temperature and humidity ranges in order to maintain their quality. Temperature-controlled transportation ensures that such products are stored and transported under the right temperature and humidity conditions.

Product Safety and Quality Control: Temperature-controlled transportation prevents products from losing quality during the transportation process and has an important role in the safety of products. This ensures that the quality and safety of the products delivered to the end consumer is guaranteed.

Worldwide Transportation: Temperature-controlled transportation ensures safe and healthy transportation of products to many countries and regions around the world. It plays an important role in the export and import of products, especially in the agriculture and food sector.

Industrial and Medical Applications: Temperature-controlled transport is also critical in the transport of drugs, chemicals and other medical products. To ensure the efficacy and safety of these products, proper temperature and humidity conditions must be maintained.

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