Road transport is one of the most common and preferred modes of transport all over the world today. This mode of transportation, in which cargo is transported by road vehicles, is one of the cornerstones of the logistics industry with its many advantages. The fact that all kinds of cargo can be transported and that it is attractive in terms of flexibility are factors that increase the popularity of road transport.


Reliability: Road transport is a reliable mode of transport, thanks to well-maintained roads and well-maintained highways. Transport routes and delivery times are often more predictable and reliable.

Flexibility: Road transport is a more flexible solution than other modes of transport. It offers door-to-door service especially as the products are transported by trucks that can be loaded and unloaded directly.

Transportation of Various Loads: Road transportation allows the transportation of almost any type of cargo. Food, textile, automotive, chemicals, construction materials and many other sectors’ products can be transported by road vehicles.

Fast Delivery: Especially for short and medium distance transportation, land transportation provides the advantage of fast delivery. Delivery times are shorter than alternative modes of transport in remote geographic areas.

Easy Access to Settlements: The highway network provides easy access to city centers and settlements. This allows products to be delivered to the consumer quickly and easily.

Road Transport in Turkey

Turkey is an important actor in road transport due to its geographical location. The developed road network covering all over the country is an indispensable part of the logistics industry. Road transport corresponds to approximately 90% of freight transport in Turkey and is considered the lifeblood of the transport sector.

Road transport is of critical importance for the country’s economy, especially in terms of delivering the products to the consumer quickly, keeping the trade alive and providing an effective connection between the production centers.

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