Import Operations: It manages the customs procedures in the process of bringing goods from abroad and performs operations such as preparing import declarations, paying customs duties and taxes.

Export Transactions: Manages the customs procedures during the customer’s sending of goods abroad and performs operations such as preparing export declarations, export taxes and issuing documents.

Transit / Transfer Operations: It arranges the transit or transfer of products from one country to another and completes the customs formalities.

Free Zone Operations: It manages the customs procedures in the free zones and performs the goods entry and exit transactions in the free zones.

Fifty Warehouse Opening Services: Fifty monitors warehouse opening processes and provides fictive warehouse services to customers.

Follow-up of Temporary Import Procedures: It manages the temporary import processes and follows up the processes such as obtaining the necessary permits and issuing the documents.

Electronic Archiving: Provides digital archiving of all documents, making it easier for customers to access documents whenever they want.

Foreign Exchange, Foreign Trade and Letter of Credit Transactions: It follows the foreign exchange and foreign trade transactions of the customers, manages the letter of credit processes and provides the necessary documents.

Investment Incentive Certificate and Inward Processing Permit Transactions: It manages the processes required to obtain an investment incentive certificate and inward processing license, and provides consultancy to customers.

Other Transaction Follow-ups: Follows other customs procedures such as agriculture province, industry province and foreign trade standardization regional directorate transactions, trade, chamber of industry and expertise transactions, TSE regional directorate transactions, and informs customers about customs legislation and related laws.