Air transport is today recognized as one of the fastest and most effective means of transport around the world. Thanks to its high speed, reliability and global reach, it is an important option to support business operations in time-critical situations and in remote geographies. Air freight plays a huge role in transporting urgent cargo and quickly managing the supply chain.

Advantages of Air Freight

High Speed ​​and Fast Delivery: Air transportation is much faster than other transportation methods. Airplanes arrive at their destination quickly, enabling rapid delivery of urgent and time-critical cargoes.

Reliability: Air transport is one of the most suitable methods for the reliable transportation of sensitive and important cargoes. Airline companies’ high quality standards and safety procedures ensure that cargo is safely transported without damage.

Global Reach: Airline transportation has an extensive network that can reach almost anywhere in the world. Airplanes support global trade by providing easy access to distant geographies.

Sustainable Trade: Air transportation provides rapid transportation of fresh and perishable products in various sectors. This makes it possible to effectively manage supply chains of fresh food, medicines and other sensitive products.

Minimum Handling: In air transportation, cargoes have less risk of being damaged since containers or pallets need to be handled much less than other transportation modes.

Air Freight Types

Passenger Aircraft Transportation: Airline companies also transport cargo with passenger planes. In this method, the aircraft is used to carry cargo as well as passengers.

Cargo Aircraft Transportation: Cargo planes designed only for cargo transportation are specially used to transport large volumes and heavy loads. Transport of cargo in containers or pallets is carried out by such aircraft.

The Role of Air Freight in Turkey

Turkey is an important center of air transport due to its strategic location. International airports and airlines in Turkey act as an important bridge between Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Major airports such as Istanbul Airport provide easy access to major destinations around the world and contribute to keeping trade alive.

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